Your Complete Guide to the Shoes That Are Perfect With Skinny Jeans

Take your style cues from those who know best.

They’re a wardrobe staple—a second skin—yet from time to time, our skinny jeans throw us a sartorial curveball when it comes to which shoes to pair them with. There’s not much in the footwear department that doesn’t go with a spray-on silhouette, but sometimes it’s the wash of the denim and the height of the heel that can make all the difference.

A little turn-up here and a lighter shade there can take you from outfit frustration to outfit success. How do we know this? Because we've researched how the most stylish women in the world wear theirs for effortless skinny jean recipes that you can take inspiration from all season. Scroll for your complete guide on the shoes to wear with skinny jeans.

Style Notes: Classic white lace-up sneakers have proved that they’re here to stay, and this is music to our ears. Regardless of your shape or size, anyone get in on this preppy look. Trust us, they’re skinny jeans’ new best friend.
Style Notes: Elegant, timeless and the hardest-working flats of all, our appreciation of loafers knows no bounds. Whether they're scuffed/ vintage/ patent/ embellished, they'll always work with a skinny silhouette.
Style Notes: Skinnies and trainers go together like bread and butter. But as London-based fashion guru Irina Lakicevic proves, the coolest combination for now lies in chunkier-soled, sporty kicks like these classic Nikes.
Style Notes: Flat, pointed shoes elevate a pair of figure-hugging jeans to no end. From lace-ups to those with cut-out details, experiment with a colour-popping style to add further interest to your outfit.
Style Notes: The Hadids and Jenners like to tuck their skinnies into sock boots, and the idea has caught on for the rest of the world. You can wear them untucked, but come winter your hemline should reach the top of your booties.
Style Notes: The juxtaposition of tight, ripped jeans with ladylike court shoes is a formula we'll never tire of. They elongate your legs and you can continue to play with the high/low contrast by adding a slouchy tee and a ladylike bag.
Style Notes: If flats are too flat, heels are too heeled and sneakers feel just plain wrong for you, then the solution lies in cute, midi-heeled block pumps. Ghillie sandals, like Charlotte Khurt's, are the perfect option in elevated comfort.
Style Notes: Don't fear boots that graze the knee or above. They're great for winterizing skinny jeans - earning practical points - and adding a hint of glamour to everyday staples. Try them for evening drinks or a brunch date and you'll feel like you're wearing an entirely new outfit.
Style Notes: There’s nothing like minimalistic strappy sandals to add a dressy edge to a pair of casual jeans. The perfect way to show some skin during the colder months, make sure that yours stop just above the ankle straps of your shoes.
Style Notes: Did you get the memo? Ballerinas are back. It worked for Audrey Hepburn all those years ago, and it still works today: these dainty flats go with all types of skinny jeans, whether they're super-tight drainpipes or frayed hem cigarette cuts. 
Style Notes: It's finally time to call the most reliable type of footwear back in. Flat Chelsea boots never date and are a headache-free companion to trusty skinnies in the footwear department.  Now that's sorted, is it a bad time to tempt you towards the one item we're sure you might cheat on your skinny jeans with...?

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