What to Wear for the Rest of the Year, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Cosmic outfit guidance coming your way.

We wear zodiac pendants, buy crystals to place on our bedsides tables and study horoscopes for cosmic guidance on our love/work lives, so why shouldn’t our birth month have a bearing on what we should wear? Our interpreter of choice is Amelia Quint, an astrologer based in South Carolina who writes horoscopes for Coveteur, MyDomaine and a new moon advice column for Rookie.

Ready to see what your zodiac sign says about what you should wear this season? We picked 12 of the biggest trends for this autumn and asked Quint to match one to each star sign. Think of this as your outfit horoscope for this month. It won’t help with whether to pursue your crush or postpone that big meeting with your boss, but it will make getting dressed a whole lot easier.

Anything hold true, dear readers? Have a great season.

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