Still Not Sure What to Wear With Sock Boots? Here Are 19 Ideas

It can be tricky, we know.

Sock boots have officially become an integral part of many fashion girls' wardrobes. If you have yet to jump on board this trend, we have a feeling we know why. Is it because you honestly have not the slightest idea what to wear with them? Yeah, we thought so. Helpfully, we've set out to provide you with enough outfit ideas on what to wear with sock boots so that the next time you feel like attempting the trend, you will be confident and empowered enough to do so. Ready to see what we've got for you?

When in doubt, pair true-blue jeans that hit the ankle with a simple pair of black socks boots, like Tiffany has done so effortlessly here.
Grece's asymmetric skirt and open shirt with sock boots has really inspired us.
Sock boots can also be the perfect addition to an outfit that airs on the loud side. Take this look for example: the crushed velvet, trimmed blazer and white belt are actually the last things you look at (but in a good way), so the sock boots stand out.
Err, who said sock boots couldn't also be trainers? Tine keeps her pretty dress looking oh-so-cool with these pull-on kicks.
Let this boot style add some colour to a more neutral pattern. Pro tip: Match your sunnies to your boots and you'll look like a street style star too.
A snug-fitting pair of boots in a neutral hue gives your brighter separates a chance to breathe. Take a tip from Jeanette Madsen and start experimenting.
Viky keeps her summery straight-leg jeans lasting into autumn by slipping on a pair of sock boots underneath.
A jazzy pair of sock boots—like this magenta satin pair—can liven up a plain work outfit.
When in doubt, go for a full monochromatic look. Break the colour up with a cool textured bag and sleek sunnies.
Traditional office attire can receive a huge makeover by way of sock boots. Throw an oversized denim jacket over your polished skirt and button-down duo for an instant day-to-night look.
Khaki-coloured sock boots make for a cool alternative to more obvious black or beige versions. Thanks for the tip, Stephanie.
There's no denying that sock boots look great with jeans. Throw on a statement coat and you have yourself an outfit.
Vanessa's all-black formula of a leg-baring dress and high sock boots is great for shifting from day to night.
Marta has inspired us to top and tail some culottes or a midi skirt with matching boots and a jacket.
Miniskirts are another great counterpart to this boot trend, as the shoe style doesn't add unflattering bulk or weight to the bottom half of your frame.
If you're going for a more tonal look, opt for sock boots in a neutral colour. Trust us, you'll end up wearing them with everything.
Raw-hem jeans are the perfect partner to neat 'n' pointy sock boots—just as Eleonora here.
Hoodie + leather skirt + over-the-knee sock boots = an outfit we need to try ASAP.
Channel your inner '60s mod like Hanna and unleash a pair of white thigh-highs with a mini skirt.

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